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Strategic Planning

One of the goals of Strategic Planning with the Einstein Group is to help provide our clients with a clear direction for growth. The Einstein Group can work collaboratively with your organization to provide all levels of the Strategic Planning process from Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation, Strategic Direction, Strategic Plan Formulation, and ongoing Assessment of Strategic Plans. During the planning process, we will evaluate your goals and objectives, evaluate your mission, measure performance, establish goals, and prepare our clients for success.

Strategic Planning Meeting Facilitation

  • Environment and Economic Scan
  • From a Traditional SWOT Approach to one tailored to your Organization
  • Peer Analysis and Review
  • Industry Updates

Strategic Plan Formulation

  • Identify Board and Management Expectations
  • Goal Assessment
  • Help Clients Understand Risks
  • Develop Opportunities
  • Develop Written Strategic Plans
  • Assessment of Strategic Plans